Genital Piercing Care

Aftercare for genital piercings is the same as for most other piercings. These piercings are among the easiest and quickest to heal, so care is often minimal. Simply follow the instructions in the Basic Piercing Care  section.

Take a Short Break from Sex

Sexual activity is not prohibited during the entire healing period, but a short break can help you heal faster. If you do have sex during this time (this includes masturbation), pay attention to any discomfort, practice fluid-safe sex, and be sure to clean your piercing immediately afterward.

Avoid Fluid Exchange

Women should consider protection (dental dams) to reduce the risk of infection. Unprotected oral sex should especially be avoided during the healing period, as this is one of the fastest ways to get an infection.

Stick with Saline or Sea Salt Rinses

Soap can be too strong for women’s genital piercings and can upset the natural balance of flora in the vagina, resulting in a yeast infection. Stick with sea salt soaks and/or saline rinses.

Don’t Be Surprised by Bruising

While it doesn’t happen to everyone, bruising is not uncommon. Also expect at least spotty bleeding for the first several days to a week.