How do I choose an artist?

 Our portfolios are proudly displayed in our lobby, and ON OUR WEBSITE HERE . We encourage you to look for a tattooer whose style you like best. We have an experienced crew of diverse artists known for quality tattoos. We can help you find the person best suited for the tattoo you are looking for.

Is NewLife Tattoos a licensed Shop?

Yes! We have been licensed and in business since 2001 we are the oldest established shop in Champaign . Getting a tattoo by an amateur in their home can be very dangerous, especially if they have no knowledge of sterilization or safe operating procedures. The money spent on a professional tattoo studio is well worth the assurance that the only thing you will get is a tattoo.

Is there anything I should  do before I get tattooed or pierced?


Yes, be well rested and eat well. Drink plenty of fluids. Bring your VALID ID and wear appropriate clothing. Mostly though, just relax and have a good time.

Is there anything I shouldn't do before I get tattooed or pierced?

Do not drink alcohol, do not be sunburned, and do not take drugs other than prescribed by you doctor. (any drugs including aspirin, etc.)

Can you make this tattoo smaller?

Yes, we are skilled enough to make a tattoo really small and detailed, but that will not make a good tattoo. No matter who applies the tattoo, or how a tattoo is applied, the ink will migrate a bit over time. A tattoo is inside of skin cells and not on top of paper. Lines applied too close to one another will blur together, and in some cases alter lettering or destroy a design a few years or even months down the road. Your tattooer is a professional and we want your tattoo to look good. Of course we are skilled

enough to make a very small tattoo, but not at the expense of doing a bad tattoo. A large part of the art of tattooing is to make a tattoo that looks good for a lifetime. Listen to your tattooer's advice and make your tattoo a size that will last and be enjoyed for years.

Can I bring in my some pictures and reference material or my own design?

Of course! We work with your ideas! Bring in whatever will help us get an idea of what you are looking for. If it is in digital format(on your phone), we recommend bringing in a hard copy(on a piece of paper) for your artist to make the best use of your time with your artist.

Do people pick designs off the wall?

Sure. That is a great way to get the correct reference to begin to make a great custom tattoo. All of the designs we have here are hand painted by tattooers. We have taken great time to find the best reference in the world to help you assemble top quality tattoo.

What is flash?

This is the term for the designs on the wall. All of the flash at NewLife is hand painted by tattooers. A lot of our flash is drawn, inked, and watercolored by the tattooers at NewLife, the ones who will be doing your tattoo. Which means your tattooer has taken the time to develop his skills, efficiency, designing ability, and artistic prowess in tattooing. This is the sign of true craftsmanship. Our walls and books are filled with quality hand painted flash we proudly use daily in the tradition of all the good tattooers before us.

Will you tattoo a person under 18?

NO. You must be 18 with a valid state issued ID to be tattooed. It is ill legal to tattoo any person under the age of 18 in Illinois

Will you pierce a person under 18?

NO. You must be 18 with a valid state issued ID to be pierced at NewLife tattoos.

What type of ID do you accept?

A valid State or government issued photo ID. Drivers license, State ID ,Passport ,FOID card ,Military ID

How can I get in touch with you?

The quickest way and most accurate way to get all your questions answered is to stop by the shop.  You can also give us a call     (217)-367-5320.  For online questions you

can  email: 

Please allow 24-48 hours for an online response, we will do our best to answer quickly!