Does it hurt?

This is a very popular question. In a professional environment  the process is  annoying, and  stings a bit. The more relaxed you are the easier the process, and within a few minutes your body will release endorphins (which are natural pain killers) that ease your discomfort. The experience is different for everyone and everyone’s definition of the discomfort will be different. It is impossible to say exactly how it will feel for you. Generally, everyone does just fine. Some spots do hurt worse than others. A few general rules do apply. The more muscular areas (upper arm or calf) will hurt less than the bonier areas (elbow or ribs). Sensitive parts of your body will sting a bit more to get tattooed.   It really is best to get tattooed where you want it, based on your aesthetics. The placement of the tattoo is solely up to you, because the tattoo will be there long after the pain fades. If it were that painful, people wouldn't keep coming back for a second, and third, and fourth, and, on and on