Do you accept WALK-INS for tattooing?

YES!! We accommodate as many walk-ins as we can! Generally, walk-ins are tattoos that take two hours or less with drawing time, which is about a palm to hand sized tattoos or smaller. We do them on a first come first serve basis and tattoo the next client waiting, so come early, especially on weekends! If your tattoo will take more drawing time or tattoo time we can see if we can get you in with another artist that day or we can set up an appointment for another day  Artists rotate walk-ins on Fridays and Saturdays  you can call the shop at 217-367-5320 and see when a certain artist is doing walk-ins.  Appointments are recommended, as our artists do stay very busy, which is a good sign for you getting the tattoo, that means our artists have a great reputation and a lot dedicated clients. We do our best to tattoo as many walk-in clients as we can get in between our appointments, or when we have cancellations, and at the same time we are committed to not rushing any tattoos and giving everyone the time they deserve for a great tattoo. We set up all walk-ins at the shop on a first come first serve basis. This way we can talk to you in person about sizes, location, and your personal design and make sure we allow enough time for a great drawing and a great tattoo.

Do I need an appointment to get tattooed?

Appointments are recommended, but we do walk-ins everyday! Appointments are good for mid to larger sized tattoos, multi-session tattoos, cover-ups, or if you want to get in with a specific artist on a specific day. Otherwise, we do walk-ins everyday!