How do I make an APPOINTMENT for a tattoo?

We make all appointments in person at the shop. Appointments are super easy to set up, just stop in to the shop and talk to one of us and we will take care of you. Appointments are made in person to give everyone the quality and custom tattoo they deserve.  We make all appointments in person at the shop to make sure we schedule enough time to have a great drawing, and do a top quality tattoo. There are a lot of particulars to work out for a tattoo: exact sizing, fit on your body, details in the tattoo, and everything else that make a tattoo a perfect fit for you specifically. Talking with you in person is the best way to make the best tattoo for you. Appointments are recommended, especially for mid to larger sized tattoos, and multi-session tattoos.

Why do we take Deposits for Appointments:

Due to the demand most of our tattooers are booked at least a week in advance.  We utilize deposits to prevent " NO CALL, NO SHOWS"  When someone cancels without warning it robs the tattooer and other clients of time and money.   With Deposits we ensure that the time and care we put into the process of creating your tattoo will be compensated, leaving both the client and tattooer with a better experience.  Depending on the amount of drawing and preparation time involved, there is a $50-100 depnding on size of tattoo) non-refundable deposit for all appointments. The deposit comes off the final price of the tattoo. 24 Hour notice is required to make any appointment changes or deposit is forfeited.